About Firefly Soul

Soul Fusion Jazz is about Freedom and Liberation

Producer,Composer Lenny Sharman formed Firefly Soul as a brand for his style of music, which is in the genres of Fusion Soul Jazz Pop R&B Contemporary and World . As a multi instrumentalist In his compositions you will hear most of the craftsmanship from bass, guitars, synths, drumbeats and vocals. Occasionally he has guest artist musicians from both local and international Genres to play on compositions and maybe collaborate on some selected songs . The unique original sound is a fusion of various contemporary styles . As a music producer and artist he is influenced by a fusion of the musical landscape through the local and International artiste that he collaborate’s with. Ben Meeking hails from Melbourne and is the other main musician in Firefly Soul and has contributed to some of the songs in which his contribution is the jazz power chordal structures on keyboard’s, while Lenny’s does most of the power ballads, soul and adds the melodic and lyrical structure to the originality.

I produce and write my music at my studio in Melbourne Australia. I have always had a passion for music as I always believed that the arts are a great expression of our personal and humanistic freedoms.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the local and International artist who have contributed their talent to the arrangements of the following songs

Holiday Town – Peter Fraser (Saxophone

Taking Time Out – Justin Hall ( Saxophone)

Island Town- Tepaeru (Vocals)

Fallen Angel-Aysha(Vocals)

You give me more (Robert Pettinato)

Saturn Moon ( Robert Pettinato)

Lastly I like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the Aboriginal Kulin Nation with respect. The Wurundjeri, Boonerwrung, Taungurong, Djajawurrung and the Wathaurung make up the Kulin Nation which is the area of Melbourne Australia also known as Wominjeka as It is on their traditional lands that I practice my Sound Art.

Lenny Sharman


One thought on “About Firefly Soul

  1. Hello Lenny, I don’t know how I came upon your website, very enjoyable to hear your voice again and listen to your latest songs, it takes me back to Jarvie street. I sometimes listen to an old tape i have of ‘Falling again’, ‘Midnight Destination’ etc, your songs from the eighties. Sometimes I wonder what happened to Matt Berg & Don Jonstone, would you know ?. I lived overseas for a time before settling in Brisbane.
    Drop me a line when you have time. Its wonderful that you are still commited to music. I still play the bass only these days its in Church on Sundays.
    Best regards- John Bednarski

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